Who we are
Proposal of Milan Randić for the IAMC foundation
With this letter you are invited to join new organization The International Academy of Mathematical Chemistry to be formally established on June 16, 2005. The International Academy of Mathematical Chemistry (shortly the Academy) is gathering outstanding research scientists who have contributed towards the development and promotion of Mathematics in Chemistry. Here it is understood that mathematical chemistry applies not only to all areas of chemistry, like the traditional areas: organic chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, and polymer chemistry, but also to various novel adjuncts such as material science and chemo-informatics. We are particularly focusing on use of Discrete Mathematics in Chemistry, in view that in general chemists are less familiar with use of Graph Theory, Topology and Combinatorics in chemistry. Equally we would like to embrace areas of chemistry using less familiar mathematical tools (like chemometrics, partial order, artificial neural networks, density functional and such).

In view that some time ago quantum chemists have founded their own International Academy of Quantum Chemistry (with the seat in Menton, on French Mediterranean), as an outlet of their concerns we do not wish to overlap with their agenda but nevertheless will welcome occasionally outstanding quantum chemists in our midst.

The International Academy of Mathematical Chemistry will be a non-profit institution, and as such can be registered by its members in any country or all countries where there is such interest. Formally its seat is in the city of Dubrovnik on Adriatic, Croatia, where the Academy will be publicly pronounced on June 16 2005.

Unfortunately we have no donors and no funds, nevertheless we will not have membership dues. Thus until (financially) better times come we, the members will have to bear individually financial burden for traveling to Academy meetings. We hope that many, if not all, members will be able to cover parts of their expenses for attending annual Academy Scientific Meetings from other resources. We hope that members will understand and appreciate the current situation and will despite our ability to assist in travel consider this invitation and will attend our first meeting.

Academies are primarily learned societies and our International Academy of Mathematical Chemistry (IAMC) is no exception. On its annual scientific meetings members will have privilege to present their work, which we hope to publish without any internal or external reviews in the Proceedings of the Academy, yet to be established. It is the responsibility of members of Academy to make sure that the quality of their work deserves public dissemination. Meetings of the IAMC are open to members of the Academy, who have a privilege to bring guests to attend the meeting without prior announcement. The official language of the Academy is US English.

Other privileges of members of the Academy include: the use of the name of the Academy to promote interests of Mathematical Chemistry in different localities, the right to propose persons to be considered for membership in the Academy, and the right to vote for offices of the Academy and new members. Further, members have the right to veto the election of a person to the Academy if another member seconds their request which is then supported by 1/3 of the voting members. The reason behind this rule is to assure a consensus of views as to Mathematical Chemistry.

It is suggested that votes for the offices of the Academy are made by secret ballot, while voting for new members is public. The prime qualification for the membership in the Academy is scientific excellence. Because the Academy is interested to not only maintain but pursue its international character and unity of vision as to Mathematical Chemistry due considerations for unfavorable, unpromising, unfriendly and unfortunate research, social and political circumstances may be taken in consideration where and when applicable.

Milan Randić