IAMC 2006 meeting

Dubrovnik, June 15 - 17, 2006

Our meeting will be followed by Math/Chem/Comp 2006 Meeting from June 19 - June 24 organized by Professor A. Graovac. For more details see web page Math/Chem/Comp 2006 (http://mcc.irb.hr/)

Both meetings will take place in Hotel Lero.

Participants and lectures:

Milan Randic

Alexandru Balaban

Ante Graovac: Novel Graphical and Numerical representation of DNA

Alan Katritzky: Understanding and Optimizing Chemical Structural Effects with QSPR

Mircea Diudea: On Omega polynomial

Roberto Todeschini: A new similarity/diversity measure for sequential data

Jorge Galvez: Some new alternatives for weighting heteroatoms in the topological matrix

Lionello Pogliani: On geometric patterns, an informal talk

Sherif El-Basil

Nenad Trinajstic

Pierre Hansen: On the dimension of chemical invariants

Shinsaku Fujita: The Concept of Mandalas and Fujita's Proligand Method for Combinatorial Enumeration of Stereoisomers

Subash Basak: Mathematical descriptors in the classification/prediction of biological processes

Ivan Gutman: Presentation of the book: "Mathematical Aspects of Randic-Type Molecular Structure Descriptors" by X.Li & I.Gutman